Model Home Review Checklist

Model Home Review Checklist

Model Home Review Checklist

Model Home Review Checklist

The Model Home Review Checklist is a thorough and systematic approach for looking past the beautiful decorating in many model homes in order to determine if the design will “work” for your family and if the builder will meet your needs.

This unique tool will help you to focus on the functional features of the house on a room-by-room basis. It also will make sure you are aware of the specifications associated with the lot and with the mechanical, structural, and exterior elements of your potential new home. In addition it may introduce you to new building products.

Here are just a few examples of the questions included:
  • Functional Features:
    • Is there a light in all showers and directly above the kitchen sink?
    • Are there enough exterior hose bibs?
    • Can you turn on the showers without getting wet?
  • Structural Details:
    • What is the product (OSB or plywood) and thickness (1/2”, 5/8”, or ¾”) used for the roof decking?
    • Will the roof deck be covered with felt or a peel-and-stick product? (A peel-and-stick product is a moisture barrier that takes the place of felt. It adheres to the deck of your roof and is designed to keep your home dry even if the aesthetic portion of the roof—shingles, tile, etc.—is lost during a storm.)
    • What is the termite bond and product used?
  • Mechanical Specifications:
    • Is the water heater of adequate size for your family?
    • In order to save water, can you include an on-demand recirculating system if the water heater is located quite a distance from some portions of the home?
    • Can you upgrade the air conditioning filtration method?

PLUS PICTURES: Some checklist items invite you to “see picture labeled Tip #___” for further explanation. When you place your order, you’ll be given a web address and password to access these photos.

Some production builders don’t allow any changes after selections are made in their design centers, while others discourage changes past the selection stage by levying large change order fees.

Performing a thorough evaluation of the model using this checklist will help you to identify changes or additions you might have overlooked before it was either too late or too costly to make them.

HOW IT WORKS: The “Model Home Review Checklist” begins with an Overview Section that asks questions about the lot, the development, and the home. Room is provided for you to record your answers and take notes.

The Construction / Mechanical Section covers the materials and specifications for various items, again leaving plenty of room for you to jot down facts and impressions.

The remaining sections take you on a room-by-room review of the home, including the porches and pool area. The Landscaping Section wraps up the review.

In addition to a large area for notes, these detailed lists include columns to indicate which items are standard, which are upgrades, and which are not available, plus a column to record any additional costs associated with upgraded items. Record as much or as little detail as you need. For bedrooms or other rooms that may occur in multiples, print one list for each room, filling in the blank at the top with a room description such as “Guest Bedroom.”

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