Final Walk-Through Checklist

Final Walk-Through Checklist

Final Walk-Through Checklist

Final Walk-Through Checklist

The Final Walk-Through Checklist is designed to help you perform a thorough and systematic final examination of the interior and exterior of your new home in order to provide your builder with a comprehensive list of repairs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist that leads you through the house, inside and out, reminding you of what to examine in each area? Finally there’s help with this sometimes overwhelming task!

It’s not easy to walk through your new home and remember to review every knob, the glide of each drawer, or the seal around each window. 

Our “Final Walk-Through Checklist”:

  1. Keeps you focused on each area of your home, listing all the specifics to review within the space.
  1. Provides a method for supplying your builder with a detailed list of repairs and/or changes while his or she is most motivated to complete your “punch-out” list.
  1. Offers instructions on what to bring with you, how to check the operation of certain products, and what to do first.

Performing a thorough evaluation of your home through the eyes of this checklist will help bring to the forefront changes or repairs that may otherwise be overlooked.


  • A list of items to bring with you in order to conduct portions of your home review and information such as:
    • What to do first
    • How to check the contacts in the security system
  • A tool for not only thoroughly checking each room of your home, but also for reviewing the homes’ exterior, mechanical components, and landscaping. Among many items, you’ll be reminded to check:
    • To make sure all the window screens are present and free of flaws
    • The exposed white PVC pipe under tall sprinkler heads has been painted brown or green to blend in with the landscaping
    • That all doors have bumpers
  • A wrap up section including reminders like:
    • Obtain the key to the security box
    • Make sure you know the location of the main water cut-off valve
  • A warranty reminder asking questions such as:
    • What is the warranty on your roof? Do you have it in writing?
    • Did you know that your cabinetry has a warranty? Were you provided a copy?

HOW IT WORKS: The “Final Walk-Through Checklist” begins with the Exterior Section asking questions about the finishes, plumbing, windows, lighting, etc included sub-sections for review of the porches and pool areas. Ample space has been provided for you to add notes regarding required changes or repairs.

The Mechanical Section will ask you to confirm the proper workings of items such as the air conditioning units and whole house vacuum system again leaving plenty of room for notes. The remaining sections take you on a room-by-room review of your home.

The Landscaping and Wrap-Up Sections complete the checklist. Once you have received your list you can print as many bedrooms, bathroom, stairways, etc. that apply to your home. A blank has been provided at the top for a room description such as “Michael’s Bedroom.”

HOW TO ORDER: Receive your copy of the “Final Walk-Through Checklist” right now! It is a downloadable product and can be ordered simply by clicking the button below or if you’d like Click Here to view sample page first.


You will receive an email receipt which includes the download link, username, and password. Click on the link and a window will pop up asking for the username and password.

Our Price: $19.99

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