The Difference Is In The Details E-Planning Guide

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The Difference Is In The Details The Difference is in the Details, an E-Planning Guide, is a photograph-filled roadmap of over 900 tips, reminders, and learning tools. This easy-to-use guide is designed to help you plan a healthy, energy-efficient, functional home (from the ground up) and avoid moving in with a long list of “I wish I would haves”.

The full umbrella of function including green building, energy efficiency, disaster mitigation, storage and organization, features and products that offer convenience, and accommodations for aging in place, is addressed in this 400 page guide.

Armed with this information, you can potentially save thousands by pre-planning and understanding the building process, while at the same time creating a home that fits your family’s unique needs.

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“I love my book. Well, your book. What I LOVE about it is it is condensed into one place for me. It also has helped me talk to my husband about all this information. Before he told me I was overloading him with information. I tried bookmarking sites for him, but that didn’t help. When I got your book, I printed out a copy, indexed it, and put it in a binder. While I was checking out my eBook version, he picked up the hard copy and started flipping through it. It was amazing! He finally understands where I am coming from when it comes to building our house and why. Now he even plays with the eBook. WONDERFUL! I knew your book would be AWESOME! You are fantastic! and I really enjoy all your writings. Thank you for everything you do.”

-- Florence Bertrand
Biloxi, Mississippi

“This is the most comprehensive guide to overall construction quality I have read. It should be utilized by all designers, homebuilders, and homeowners to ensure a well planned, healthy, durable, and resource-efficient structure.”

-- Greg Hardwick
Hardwick General Contracting, Inc.

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This e-Planning Guide is large (120 megabytes) and will take approximately 3 to 7 minutes to download with a cable modem or DSL.

You will receive an email receipt which includes the download link, username, and password. Click on the link and a window will pop up asking for the username and password. A self-extracting zip file will be downloaded. Double click this file after downloading and you will be prompted for the location to save the Final Walk-Though Checklist along with the e-Planning Guide.

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the Guide and the Checklist. This is a very common and safe software. You can download it for free at: www.Adobe.com

If you’ve never used an e-Book before, not to worry, it’s extremely easy. Basically all you need to do is open the document and read the book, but the electronic format offers some wonderful, convenient features allowing you to search for a word or phrase, go directly to a chapter or tip, isolate tip categories, or go right to the page where you last left off. You can also print out a portion, a page, or the entire book.

We’ve put together a document showing screen shots of exactly what to do and how it works. Access this short “how to” at How to Use an e-Book.

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