Speaking Services

Speaking Services

Tracy is available for speaking engagements and seminars based on the tips, reminders, and home construction education provided in her books.
Please contact us for information on fees and availability.

Title: Building the House of your Dreams (without having a nightmare)
Length: Half day seminar

Building or remodeling a home is a complex undertaking, normally taking a year or two of your life and a significant amount of money. During this process the choices can seem endless. Itís easy to find yourself feeling out of control, logistically and financially, while at the same time wondering if youíre forgetting something essential. At the end of the process, the last thing you want is a bill that far exceeds your original budget and/or a laundry list of things you wish youíd added or changed. But more often than not, thatís exactly what happens.

To help attendees avoid this scenario, Tracy shows how an understanding of the building process, along with proper planning techniques, can have a profound affect on the bottom line.

To aid in the planning process, she presents many of the tips and reminders that are missing from the course of normal residential construction in areas such as:

Title: What Does Green Really Mean: The Benefits of Green Building
Length: 1 hour presentation

Green homes save energy dollars for the homeowner while at the same time helping the environment, but what does green really mean? In this presentation attendees will learn the:

Title: The Green Building and Certification Process
Length: 1 hour presentation

This presentation explains the elements of the green certification process, including many of the products and processes that contribute to points earned.

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