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About Us

About Us

Tracy DeCarlo has worked in various facets of the residential construction industry for more than 15 years. She is currently the owner of Detailed Solutions, Inc. and One Stop Green Home Certification, as well as the author of Don’t Forget the Linen Closets and The Difference is in the Details. In addition to her expertise as a Home Design Function Analyst and a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Tracy is also a Certified Green Professional, helping builders make the transition from traditional to green building and achieve green certification for their homes.

The Birth of Detailed Solutions

Over the years Tracy has met many talented architects, builders, and designers, all of whom cared about their products and their customers. Despite the best efforts of these professionals, however, Tracy continued to observe that at the end of each building or remodeling project:

  • Costs often far exceeded budget.
  • Most homeowners had a laundry list of things they wished they’d thought of before it was too late. This was not a list of exotic features. On the contrary, it was almost always a compilation of items related to function—the considerations and conveniences that make everyday life flow more smoothly.

It wasn’t long before Tracy identified the problem: There’s a piece missing from the building process. The architect creates a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing design. The builder executes this design in a workmanlike manner. The designer provides the finishing touches to create a beautiful environment. But the functional aspects of the design—the little (or sometimes not-so-little) things that make a house really “work”—are no one’s direct responsibility. Instead, homeowners are on their own, making multiple decisions without even knowing the right questions, let alone the right answers.

Detailed Solutions was formed to provide homeowners with the tips, reminders, and education otherwise missing from the normal home building or remodeling process. Through her books and seminars, Tracy addresses the functional aspects of home construction, design, and usage from the ground up, including items such as green building, energy efficiency, disaster mitigation, air quality, aging in place, plumbing, electrical, lighting, and storage. Using her industry knowledge, personal building experiences, and the techniques outlined in her books, she helps homeowners take control of the budget process while at the same time creating an energy-efficient, healthy environment that meets their unique needs.

Proven Results

When Tracy and her husband Mike set out to build their own custom home in 2003, they incorporated many of the techniques and suggestions she offers to her clients. The result: Not only is their home very easy to live in, it was completed on time, with only a single change order, and at less than 1 percent over budget! Planning the details in the beginning can save thousands in the end is more than a company motto. It’s the basis from which Tracy approaches everything she does to help homeowners have a successful building or remodeling experience.

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